What Parents should Do When Educate the Children?(II)

Let the children learn to choose independently

Some parents think that the child is young and always chooses for the child. He never asks the child's opinion, leading to the child never knows what he really wants. What is it, the children's resistance is getting higher and higher, and they have hatred for their parents in the long run. This is also not conducive to cultivating children's values, so that children do not have the ability to deal with things and have no opinion of themselves. Children who cannot choose by themselves are easily influenced by others and follow the public.

Minimize Memorization: It’s more important to know how to find an answer than to know one. With facts and trivia at our fingertips, kids should learn how to search the Internet, use an index and pick up a phone and ask.

Should focus on cultivating children's behavior habits

Many children do not behave correctly at first, such as catching chopsticks or writing gestures. Parents keep on stressing, constantly correcting mistakes, children will feel annoying when they listen too much, and a few reminders can play a warning role, but cockroaches will make people bored. The child should be educated with practical actions in a proper way. For example, when a child is doing homework, parents can turn off the computer, turn off the mobile phone, and lead by example to educate the child. The behaviors of parents are very important, many of parents’ small habits all can effect their children, and we should give them a warm growth environment. square steel pipes So the parents must make strict demands on themselves, set good examples for them to follow.