How to Think About Foreign Trade(II)


Certainly, everything must be with its contrary or saying negation. Since then there are a lot of advantages for foreign trade, in this link let us find out related disadvantages to prevent loss during deal. Actually, for the sellers they have to be harder to advertise their products because of oversea of long distances. Although there are a lot of local or oversea online B2B platforms to help manufacturers and traders so that they are easy to find good buyers, sometimes high cost of registering platform will make sellers, specially as traders and small mills, are far away about depending on online platforms. There is another reason as high cost of after sale service and maintenance. Sometimes, related quality issues, the sellers have to send technicians to the country where purchase the sellers’ products. This is really high cost for labor and travelling expenses. For oversea buyers, sometimes they are worried about quality of products, and sincerity of manufacturers and also feel terrible about changing of products and maintenance of spare parts. Because they have to purchase unique parts through oversea manufacturers sometimes as local lack of this kinds of products. Or some defective products or ungraded products for exchanging, they have to contact sellers and wait for delivery of products by long distances.square steel pipes